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tv   Today  NBC  February 12, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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this"today thhyee giffo a koiv kotb lem sdio i ckefr plaza. >>heo,every. you've me it to thursday, ursday. it's februy . >> we have auge sh>> wve a bul sh >> a beautifully . ge. >> rn reolds i utoy. today. >> he's gng t talk aut how he wasf in his mov dpl"nd it wasuite tic for him. >> and two o m fashble sister kyliend kendl jenner. and they're debing their new fashn line. this i their newest one. so, if your dghte hav waysteto dress lik
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is ieird that yr got mom is over he? >> it's great. i neveree you guys and kylie couldn't watch "the gallos" e was sred deh. yowere inurope o meing. >> i so m i wasn't e.>> bute'reng to find out whatlse is going on inir busy, busy lives. >> we put a cal out to couples d weou one that knew eac other sinceschool aow they want a littlepamper >>t hap after chil. d you d't mind. >> so, here'the thg, jeb bier, isn t cov othe ne "gq. he 21 yrs d, he's bn trying to rehais image. yo kw what, h loo mor grnp there.
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th sckha>> inside the maga, hoda, out theong"sry" opsst' abo oginr ead behavior an st'bo air and thenly o w tnk y kt's ierting when y see him iclot he looks gr i suithe wears --om guys wear clotheywell them and wo thalooks gr ks l b adistan lik h as arunette than londthin >> youw wh? t heidt carete ink. >>well, whatever. it'smpor iormao have yohave badnews but goo for eryby se paly
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mentorn hea a he' ckg s gifrnd, gwen stefani. when h could hav chon you.>> tt couave bee perfect. >>hiswas, by the way,ow awese. fit ofl,e gets to have hislfriend at work with him. no, she'stillere. andnh christina aguilera tually g chai gwe g alltp e and personalimh her boyf sust hope they donreak becse- >> then itou beall sa all right,oheouplesat wn wit "aes hollywood" to talk about the claration. take a look. >>ho figured it out? you gwen? you blake? >> wasn't me. >> definitely wasn'tgwen. it was me. u start tnking of who are the ultimate artists that you
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you starhinking o - you do. wait a minute, ts is perfect. and i actually know r. it will be sy. >> have herell i call her and ask he >>so, ion't know. worked out. we know we collabora well toofrth ascoaches, so of course i wld have her a mtor she'somart and tanted. >>hank yo and lov- >> thoht she said i leou t sdn. they both he that kdwhimsil fun sense aboutthem maybet wi. i dot know. >> i ud he at. a right,o peytonng s o flo l nig a the'be lhasn idboheomenou fel li pto mnd broncoecured the n.there wa shot u of t family and everybody is cheering
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eli d in okay. , that wt happedhen thtoucown was score at ede the broncos were going to win and ineli's defense, look at archie ok at archie. 'slso rious. >>my faln did ask peyton out his broerast ght. >> w saw that clip, jimmy, i've seen tt look before. i rognid it. in oth big moments in my life he had that similexpreson. w actually have a cutout of that. >> el guess wh,he col are going to draft me number one in the nfl draft mo. >> eli, iot us front row tickets to see el. >> youow, almostive years
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tw u' goingbe auncl>> hd h was cntra tpeningn the fid, w mighte why ae oks th sam wa ball is in the dn t . and itot over untbls. >> tt's rit. >> aheyo tgg , rdoid o r. le rsianulette. anhe played withmagic"johnson. sousike fun. >> but watch. it's good. >> are you confident? i had dream growi up that i wld have a chance to play magi one on one some day and now russian egg roulette. it's are com true. good to see you, buddy. oh. oh feeling feelin confident?
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iuessy hem al t thidn'tn includ anyf bo oones >> gic' clean up i easr. >>rarelyea veis kaiddleton eaerecorded a ps f children'sealtheen e shld be interesting to hear. i fee eve child desees spoed during dfilt me the live >>someme and h doeshat lp >>uite a bi >> we want to support schools to priorize the emional well being of their students side academic sucss by suriry child is given e emotiona suppo they ne. weing themm foon te ppy,ea futu theydeserve.
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i like h re. seeauen see funut rene usll y'r o oheothe >> , s'sust lo. >>eavimfor m playlist. this os inrestin >> they're all insting. sn mendeea u withon oe glsro arny. 's w ithethgiasheated oner boyfrie -- >> ds that mea ks somebod el da? i tond the bfrie kind ofno h aze rr nervo and they'ging and for
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at'sn actl so. >>t anute. at yay >> i like whe you lea the wordsily. >>e >>ean let ho even oukns. >> who re >>t's sogood listen tll the wos. >> do w have ? >> it's ally much be you're iyour musical tastsirixm you can listen to and'tw w want to but ustand why you wo want t hear ha every mondaynd wsday at . >> ryan reynoldsslaying the big n on e bisc and s like d she liky a
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> >> he'eealle charming, chiselled, dreamy and steamy and for the next four mites, he's al ours >> we're talki abo hlywood hunk, hu ryan renlynolds. >> wy the y was named people magazins sexiest faer alive. >> take alo.
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cancer and what'more give yo abilities most men only dream of. the world needs extraordiny soiers. weon't just me you better, we wil make you bter than beer. a superhero. >> i'd say you sound lik info info fomuut noo one. >>ongrations on evhing.neby, newmovi sexit dad ale. >>hey may have justolled my fe on that one. >> and your daughter. yeah, mae. it all py great. m defitely not mplainin rlly lui gohisie made1 s of beggindleadin ying didou give up >>nly aut 1 mes.
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>>nd tt'sang sethi r aou. >>eah, wtoug d theansf dpool" e rhisovie got me p. >>pparen inhis vie, 's wstling m nake >> a man nak o depool >> i am ver nakedn of the shs. it aightce in buin warehoe wheo fig anher de. >> tha firstor you? >> yeah t anytoreerrin figh a n n. there'in with tt guy, bse he' willi tget nched in thepee'slaub probly pretty dangerou >> rat r, so itas t raunch fto anth unua for superro
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butt need to ne ceilit. just nd to ed the arter much as possible and eedehating there >> you sd itas harto lea your ltleaby ts mning becaus she wanted ddy me t rare times she prerre daddy. >>roblyecause herom was fast le. aming like y'renot eenter oourwn erseymor t o maynjoyng theenter of you o univse and it'soddly rieving to have th thing that' muche rtantha sudden all c i useto worraboutliteted. >> and d you likhe cngin th diaps? >> iik the dir wo. e other dhere w a diaper so bad i thought wead toove to another to. buotherwis i'm fine withit. >> youav to be careful
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>> w brought somody here who is dying toeet you. we told hert she'dble p spin t bot with ryan olds. anit'serbihday. hapbirt. >>on't you want a hug? >> yea. >> stayn ts momrer. this isimmort rig >>y. you s n just rn t p out a piece o uan a you rea hiheesti. >> rser e wheit tho thi. >> go ahd. >>t ght ge ltle trky.third atinhen, w uld probay off >>f yohad toooseould youathe spehe day wityour wourbaby? wh?
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find a machi at,,,,,, >>it i > its ursd, tt m 's time r bbyie buzz. >> , i've red u se oth latest bz wy item rs i callelugeheadnd tthtip c out rig he. is i mifyi pr plumper, if youike that tingling sensn that rushes e ood to yourli,
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'ste. alr have huge plumpers they'r autifu t isomethi thahey clm will hp sh o and the lips >>ou likha fli? ion know.hoht iidutotno >>xt, methg ng o thehelvhe bay b l ma. it $2 w are hoaing this. you caput on. a laskt youet for minutes. >> is it co? >> s. ttpartth coldrt>> so, itustet ove yr p.butps brati a co ll li
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indoors but so people to wear tse for hoirs at a ti. >> tt lks good. u look craz i"zoolander 2." you thought that wweir sarahro my office is here tin thi pea offip jelly stn. you t i for mites. itoo a litsc but i leavestain tt's water proof all day lgnd th i czy b cool. >> oh, mygosh and las b n lst eryone, chaneeasont again. thshe coro t's care and colort t timend the celebrits have bnring thosen t l t red ets. le kidman >>hi isblexon sex eroids steroids.
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vantins day ition of mbush make overs." >> and cebrityair stylist to the s. , , lala anauthorndllroun faionistillma. you foa coupl s lentinrling. s, it. o c wro inut they're very deserving. th met in high school and just lebrated their 10th wedng anversary cember. oud paren to four childre re in studio. say say hi. so, we're really excited. >> and you have to realize that look at the last baby iseven mont old. >> he's sogood. >> and wtntil you meet mom who was gorgeous before and even -- >>mmed out of her brains. >> she's fashion ready.
2:35 am
but what does it mean to y to have this make over for valentine's day? i tht i was a nic speciatreat. . we have four kids. i tught it would be a fun experience to try something new and different. we've know eac other rlly long time. i figuredtou be a good oppounity. >> and dad's a little freaked out. >> i'm excited. >> i like how y chaed you tune o camera. ay three hfpampering. all right. >> everyone put yr blindolds on. is mom coming out first? >> i believe . >> everybody looking at the befo ure? comeon,om, let's sethe new you. [ plause oh, oh, my go. al rightkids, tak o your blind folds, turn around and
2:36 am
w is that? that i yr mother. >> that's your mom. >> turn rht around. >> mama, wow. k h skinny she is. yook liking gi on"gillgon's island." >> lk into thatcame please. >> that iscrazy. give us the 411. >> momanted to keep her hair a little bit long. we kt the length and this is all done by igor. anhe gave her a bitore vome. she had blond hr and it was just srtg- jus that beginng stage of goi gray. sh sai i'm or it. want a change. , i me it. buit's soft and natul. . itbelos to her, not me, at color. >> jill, tt outfit you look so ab.
2:37 am
iss robt rodriguez. >> whyon't you standhour family. yoneutr blinfold back on. >> okay. ready. heree's the bore picturef da me o out, d. let's sethe n you. >> veryhandsome.>>urn arnd, take youli foldof turn arou. >> ande's sooi seeing his wife for the first tim to >> wow. >> youuys going to come over and stantogether. >> wow. >> tell us about wha we did to this fe gentman. >> ts littl stu muffin right here? >> that o. >> we cut his hair a bit more contemporary, agai ts is all igor's work. your color is peec you're notgray.
2:38 am
i didn't do it it. wh you look t. you're so handsome and how charmi, how wonderful, how lovely. and the fact tt they were maged to keep tir look together but in 10 year four children figu that out. that tohe lookshot. >> we want thankoseph aboud from men's warehouse. wentt 6:00s mornin >> are you freaking ou >> ohyeah, i'm sosorry. enid putt all tother >>now, kendall and kylie jenner take over fashion. what's left for them?
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this. >> > i youhi keepi up th th karshnhard try keepg up epinup with kyl and nner the influee spreads t young wome aund the world.>> ndl andylieakthe
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ke alook. >> they' twof the bgest sts heocialtratosphe thver 9illion followers, kendall an kylie haven influence onverything from beautyofashn. as an teational supermodel, kendall is the face ofalvin cline and esteuder. e's grad tovers of gu andrper bazar and rk jacs anarl lger . jt 18, kylie h me snapchat followers than aon else in e rld. e's knn for hynamic edge and faion forwalos.she recy debud kie coetics d reaf h li kd on uer 3 minus. and w with theelease of thr ow li, kda and kylie, gdmers
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by tm.e kda and kie cze showno signs ofoppi i wasetting readyo ce inhisorni andoumo years agoav m tost adorable pictu of you wheou fouano anto s erytng thas evold, unbeliab i feld y gs lo grea it'sosoo share itth u. >> wtind of ls a ting? wh's their fge nas? so i seed lik aorainer d is. >> ah lly. r alwsoongtour stnd tryg toopy it.>>o tyiveoudvicorstl oudvouiv them?>> i like to ask myans f adce
2:44 am
cane ok ayolothinnd >>ndhe pri rge is 70 t 300? >> ye and y hadour h in thisght? is isnetng youigne f on. yo deced y were involv. no,hink we wanit to be our matur line >> a thether linesre going to continue,he y. >> tss what kendalwore for ou lach. >> rits le a-shirtress almost most. en old lad like me can ar at. ahis ius a bit g ttle jacketargan thg. hot of fabric have ourhoes, honest. versile. >>e y t copy ory d yle d ha w ve >> are the coy? can wealk i em? yes. just stay hernd things are mong?
2:45 am
have to me this way. >> all righe very confusing. de sn th meetg. >> thi is what i wore for the unch rty. >> i lov thi jump suit. >> loveump suits and it's sur sexy then frt. >> i like tha it'sone. >>nd tsehoes are take on the claic pumpnd wedd a cute ltle detail. a it'sgo. >> y gohis way, we' go thatway. >>horeography. >>sohis iik spring hamptons. >> weov a gd jeannd thi je coat iswesome. >> oh, that's a coat. oh, i le that. from here itks lik a
2:46 am
it's leat and we have it i bck al. >> sto it. >> azg. very cute. >> these shore amazing. detail. >> i love this. >> tha you. what is this stuff cled? >> lycr >> why is it yourfavorite? >>ovehedetailnd the haware, ho it' whi andhe poet >> aou hav a few lumps and mps and it's not g to show. >> is had to adlats becau i loveearing fls. >> whis guy?>> i a two-piece top and
2:47 am
anyeah, see howt is >> ie theexture everything it'smfortable. 's going torase off the tabl >> we have tm in black too. >>n two second husew' your loveif love life?
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. . if you're hopeless mantic, you'rengo love this andf you're you might b after y about these couples suples. >> we' cating a new original
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to meet som of thers >> >> hi. solad to see u. what pleasure. it's great t see you. >>'m standin with coues who collectivelyepsent more than 0 yrs of successful marriage. no betterexrts a f ssonon lov >> she was croing the street anthe guy i was with, i told him i'm going to marry her a he sdsaid what are you nuts? i was only 15. >> from that day on it smedo matt where i went, there was. w a pain in the neck, toe honest with you. >> s wore high heels a a very tig dress and my eyes ing out of my head. >> i go back and m grandma says ld her a told her and she sai are you
2:53 am
>> and i said'll return your money if you have lunch with me. >> i sai com on now, i'll take you for a rid and she said oh, , i'llake you in my car. she had an oldlymouth with the shifter onhe steerg wel and theh and i says, well, i'm t letting this onego. so, iookhe ride, yknow. >> she h a cocktai in her handnd her hair was a beautiful burgundy deep red and e had cheetah ass inon andhe lf in m said wow. >> did y feel sothing spells special right away? >> no, not even close. he bought me salad bunny this big ande proposed. who could rest th? >> one night we come homnd he
2:54 am
>> that was romaic. >> so, i said him i'm not sure i like you. >> remember those voes gng off in my head,t are you ing? what are you saying? i thought you were going to wait until yowere 30 and saidld you conside marrying me. >> and what did you say? >> iaid yes. >> how d you make marriage st 50 plus years? >> wneve ever 61 years ve gone to bed mad. >> i'm not saying i didn'tet out of bed and leave the bed but i'd gout i the living room couch and nexthing inew hd be on the floor nt to me and 'dook at each other and say is is riculous. >> i alway say yes, dear.
2:55 am
but eventually i apologiz >> itill see him ahetxit, gorgeou m the . iheelusionalr what?>>ance tes difre forms. tnk it tsetter with e. ou fa,'l always pk yo upfter i stop lghg. >> 6 ar>> ho,ou did a butif th wer sh tuples. der. ifoury yrest frnd, get better. you kno betrn anody. >> somef tho azinges aroi to ce back tomorr. so the wedng ru took part inhi in this aningingrid milson will be jni us. >> ahi "today."day. incrse sed, full throttl (ovetercom) ann, are you coming in? gative! stay on target. you guydoin
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today we all wen to th moeautiful bab showe ever beehere. >> o of ourea fen who wos here>> a mi,iss big music video. ne taing to y.. my missimple -- makeou money i'm here to lel of playing field for all instor there's always a bl market somewher i promisto hp you find it. ad mon" starow. hey, i'm cramer. weome "mad money." lcome to c otr opantoake ies.
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mone my j is not st tenteain, but to teach. calle or tweet m today was the perft illustration of the fa that panic is not a strategy, even though it ceainly seems pret but you can be paral with ar, because oil comes down or interestat areomindo, banktos are going do >>l llel can collecveoll up our sleeves a fd out what highuality stocks are on sale mply becse they' caught up in the marketwide selloff. todapaid off aer initiay getting obterad, the erages rebounded nicely, tolo dow255 pointsthnaaq ihing dn just9%.first let's get the negative going on. what's really ailing the mart is that all stoc trade together off of ne that shouldn'produce such an homogenized output. e negative goes like this -- mething ailinthe eupe banks. so are european bas stocks ranked to go down? why not? they're acting hly. ould be beuse they have more loansn we d know aboutor mayust


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